Sunday, May 5, 2013
Inferiority is not banal or incidental even when it happens to women. It is not a petty affliction like bad skin or circles under the eyes. It is not a superficial flaw on an otherwise perfect picture. It is not a minor irritation, nor is it a trivial inconvenience, an occasional aggravation, or a regrettable but (frankly) harmless lapse in manners. It is not a ‘point of view’ that some people with soft skins find ‘offensive’. It is the deep and destructing devaluing of a person in life, a shredding of dignity and self-respect, an imposed exile from human worth and human recognition, the forced alienation of a person from even the possibility of wholeness or internal integrity. Inferiority puts rightful self-love beyond reach, a dream fragmented by insult into a perpetually recurring nightmare; inferiority creates a person broken and humiliated inside. The fragments – scattered pieces and sharp slivers of someone who can never be made whole – are taken to be the standard of what is normal in her kind: women are like that. Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse


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